Our TSA Chapter

What is TSA

TSA (Technology Student Association) is a national organization dedicated to creating future leaders in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. The organization uses its yearly set of competitions to test the abilities of the students competing in the event. In addition to expanding their knowledge, the members are able to represent their school and community when competing.

The TSA motto “learning to lead in a technical world” is precisely what the organization is working towards, as the club has opened branches in 48 of the 50 states. The overall mission of TSA is to have the members of the club learn and develop their skills in the STEM department and to eventually implement them on solutions towards the world’s most concerning problems.

TSA Events

TSA has more than 30 competitive events that range in topics covering science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

To help students figure out what events are what best for them, the HSN TSA chapter has created an automated event suggestion tool!

TSA Event Finder Tool

Who We Are

We are WWP High School North’s TSA club, competing in the school’s first TSA season. The officers of the club observed the impact of TSA on the surrounding communities and decided to bring the opportunity to the students of West Windsor and Plainsboro.

Despite the lengthy process of getting the club approved in the school, the officers stayed persistent and were able to establish the club in school before the September of 2017. The club was founded with enough time to publicly introduce the club at the school club fair, where 63 loyal members were recruited. The chapter collectively participated in 17 competitive events for the first time at the NJ state conference this spring. We are now competing in 6 competitive events at the National Conference from June 22nd to June 26th.


I believe in using technology to make the world a better place. I believe in collaborating with others to create beneficial solutions for the future. I believe that I should be dedicated to creating new technologies and educating others about technology. I will strive to better the world around us and to spread the influence of technology.

Our Activities


Attendance & Checkpoints

Before the start of every club meeting, each student must sign in to attendance via Google Form. Once a month, the officers send a checkpoint form through email to check up on the progress of each group. During the weekly after school meeting following this checkpoint, the officers meet with each group in person to check in on their progress, answer questions, and help them plan for the next week. The officers will advise each group as they move closer to the competition dates.

Weekly After School Meetings

To keep all students intact with their TSA event, the club runs weekly meetings to regroup the teams and update each other on any group progress. The club officers begin the meetings with recaps on competition dates, event updates, and general announcements. Throughout the meetings, students in each event regroup to share their personal progress on the project and to collaborate on plans for the upcoming competitions.


Club Fair

Club Fair is a school program where each club has a chance to directly recruit members by recording their contact information. The TSA club of High School North was able to gain 63 loyal members through that short fair, and we hope to expand on that number by next year’s fair.

Lab Safety Training

The lab safety training is a TSA school club program that trains each student on the different engineering equipment available to them. Once they finish the lesson, they have 3 chances to pass a quiz on the lab information. The quiz is to ensure that everyone who goes into the lab room has enough experience and knowledge to ensure their own safety and the safety of those around them. If the student passes the quiz, they will have access to all the lab’s machinary.


Guest Speakers

To inspire the students and expose them to other applications of technology, the President of the chapter asked for a few guests to speak at one of the weekly meetings. The guests were a self initiated FIRST FTC robotics team and their mentor, who demoed their robot and spoke about their programming design.


To celebrate New Years, the students held a party at one of the weekly meetings in January. The party became a quick success as all the members of the club had brought different food items to contribute. Students shared their projects with other groups, enjoying themselves and each other's company.


Project Code

Project Code is a community program founded by 3 members of our TSA chapter to provide elementary school kids access to free programming classes. Members of our TSA chapter created a 3 month long Scratch programming curriculum, contacted libraries, and promoted the classes to the community. So far, the team has taught 90 students in 2 local libraries - Hamilton and Monroe.

Innovation Fair

Another way the TSA club helps to promote the TSA motto is by encouraging its own school members to showcase their TSA projects in the community. The Innovation Fair in West Windsor-Plainsboro is a public community fair held in May where students from different schools come to display their innovative projects. Members of our TSA chapter have been accepted to showcase their projects at this fair this spring.



Sahit Penmatcha


Sahit is a founder and president of WWP HSN TSA. He is passionate about computer science and would like to share his love for computers with others through TSA. The president manages the overall meeting, informs the committee about what should be done, and sets up meetings with various sources.

Neil Patel

Vice President

Neil is a founder and Vice President of TSA. He is interested in video production and photography. The Vice President assists officers in accomplishing tasks assigned by President, and takes control of club if President is not present.

George Zhou


George holds the secretary position. He has a passion for STEM and is particularly interested in software development. The secretary records the participation of the club members and conferences with the students about event progress.

Skandan Venkatraman


Skandan is the club treasurer. He is interested in biology and the medical sciences. The treasurer controls the financial portions of the club, maintains the club’s bank account and updates other officers on account information.

Aparna Rajesh


Aparna holds the reporter position. She is interested in educating younger children about STEM and spreading STEM in the community. The reporter reports the club’s progress or any news to the public, contributes to the TSA web page and contacts the club president if any urgent news regarding the club is released.

Jagdeep Gill


Jagdeep is the club's Sergeant-at-Arms. He loves all things chemistry. The Sergeant-At-Arms organizes the room before every club meeting, assists the President in any procedures or events requiring altering the environment and enforces club rules when necessary.


NJ TSA State Conference

The NJ state conference was held on April 14, 2018. It is held every spring at The College Of New Jersey. This year, students from New Jersey competed in over 30 different events and some of the winners are proceeding to the national TSA conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Despite being WWP High School North’s first year at competition, we collectively participated in 17 events with a majority of members doing multiple events.

National TSA Conference

The national TSA conference is from June 22nd to June 26th. This year, it is being held in Atlanta, Georgia. Students from all over the country will be competing in this 5 day long conference, participiating in events ranging from a keynote speech by Todd Thibodeaux to their own competitive events.

NJ TSA Leadership Conference

The NJ TSA Leadership Conference was a meeting between all the officers of each participating school’s TSA club in New Jersey. The officers of our club went with curiosity, as a school new to TSA, yet came back with confidence in the club’s goals and members. Each of the officers learned valuable leadership skills interacting with the state officers and other TSA chapters. The officers also participated in a Toy Story themed design challenge, where they had to create a carriage that moved past a zipline.


In our first year as a club, our 63 students placed in 9 total events at the state conference! Some of the winning teams are now heading to the national competition.

Event Place
Webmaster 1st 🥇
Digital Production 1st 🥇
Software Development 1st 🥇
Flight Endurance 1st 🥇
Structural Design And Engineering 2nd 🥈
Children's Stories 2nd 🥈
System Control Technology 2nd 🥈
Video Game Design 3rd 🥉
Music Production 3rd 🥉